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          All items are handmade and made to order. Please take this into consideration when placing time-sensitive orders. Email me before payment to see if you are able to receive it in time. I cannot make any guarantees on rush requests. Please be aware of them when placing time sensitive orders.
Orders placed after 12/16/2021 current turn-around time:
3-5 days
We ship worldwide.
          Once your order has been dropped off this is the estimated time it will take to receive. Please remember that I have no control on what happens after it gets dropped off. If the package becomes missing in mid transaction, I will send 1 curtsy replacement package. If the package says "delivered" and you cannot find it, this is a matter that must be taken to the post office.
U.S Flat Rate: $4
California  3-5 Business days
Other states take 5-7 business days
Canada Flat Rate: $11.50  (2-4 weeks)
International Flat Rate: $15  (2-4 weeks)
Australia & New Zealand Flat Rate: $18  (2-4 weeks)
Germany, Poland, Ireland and Russia may take longer.