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Cuter is Better


Christmas was so crazy and I apologize for making everyone wait so long. I have been trying to figure out how to cut down the processing time.

I use to hand punch out every single card stock. That took time and messed up my hands pretty badly. Please excuse how gross my nails look, it is one of the many things I started to neglect.

I designed new card stocks and had them printed.

I will be taking new pictures for every single item and you will be seeing the updates.

I will continue to print and customize every envelope for all my customers that buys from my main website. For my other sites, I had envelopes printed.

I am moving out in a few months which will give me a bigger work space. I will finally be able to even hire someone to come over once a week to help me pack. 

As you can tell, I am renaming my company to: Nerdy But Still Girly

No one was remembering WenSi Creation  :(

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