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Night Stalker Coffee Scrub

$ 4.99

Make yourself a target with this murderous coffee sugar scrub: an invigorating facial scrub using the amazing properties of arabica coffee, coconut oil, and organic sugar! Your face will emerge refreshed with a dewy glow, and... OH DEAR GOD BEHIND YOU!!!


Description and Ingredient:

Why does this sugar scrub rock, you ask? 
-Sugar is a natural exfoliating agent!
Sugar is made up of small particles that gently rub over the skin and help to dislodge and slough off dead cells, dried sebum, dirt, impurities and pollution. Simple 
washing with soap and water aren't nearly as effective as a sugar face scrub, which exfoliates the top layer of the skin, revealing newer radiant skin instantly.

- It's also a natural humectant! 
Sugar is a natural humectant, a substance which naturally hydrates the skin and helps lock in moisture by absorbing it from the atmosphere. Using a 
sugar scrub on your face will help moisturize it from within and make it soft and supple.

- It's rich in glycolic acid!
Sugar is rich in AHAs (alpha hydroxyl acid), a type of glycolic acid that’s popularly used in the cosmetic industry to treat skin damage and premature aging of 
skin. Glycolic acid helps regenerate the skin, promoting repair and growth of damaged cells by penetrating deep into the epidermis and breaking down the 
bonds that join cells together.

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